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A Simple Web Business That's Designed To Grow Itself!

Your new AdBoards can be fully installed, customised and ready to accept payments in a matter of minutes...

  • Step 1. Register an AdBoard Account Below
  • Step 2. Create & Customise Your First AdBoard
  • Step 3. Activate your Perpetual Traffic Machine

The process is simple but extremely powerful

You Giveaway Free Ads to your visitors, and some of those people pay you for various add-ons.

Everyone sends some visitors to activate their Ads, so each new Ad generates more visitor traffic...

Which means even more Ads, even more visitor traffic to your AdBoard and Even More Sales!

So your AdBoard business literally grows itself!

A Complete Turnkey Business With Unlimited Revenue Streams!

Your AdBoards are have been designed to generate Immediate Cashflow as well as Substantial Long-term Revenue Streams and multiple other benefits. Ask yourself if any of these could help you out...

Instant Advertising Sales. Approx 5-10% of your advertisers will happily pay for one or more Add-ons to make their Ad stand out or increase their exposure, so the more Ads you give away, the more you make!

You set the prices and keep 100% of all payments.

High-Value List Building on Auto. Your Advertisers are a genuine contact list of Action-Takers and Buyers in a clearly defined niche. And the more specific your AdBoard themes, the more valuable those lists will be!

Isn't that better than just collecting random emails?

Traffic You Can Send Anywhere You Want. Your AdBoards are targeted traffic machines, so you can send a stream of visitors to your own offers, PLR products, affiliate offers or even directly to paying Client's websites!

Pro Tip: Send traffic to opt-in pages and sell the leads instead!

Make At Least One Local Board!   Create a generic Community Noticeboard to start your local-business list then use that traffic to create AdBoards in more specific niches... restaurants, attractions, doctors, lawyers etc.

All these businesses will pay top dollar for fresh leads!

Turbo-Charge Your Viral Networks. Once your AdBoard is generating it's own traffic, create your own Ads for any of the Viral Traffic programs out there. These generate even more visitors and you can earn cash commissions... all on auto!

Remember, your Advertisers all need more traffic!

Get In Early On Every New Program! Use your IM AdBoard as a LockBox to test ANY new program... just create an Ad and forget about it! Let it run for a month then check your stats to decide if it's worth actively promoting!

Find all the winners without wasting time on the losers!

Even More In Your Bonus 18-Strategy Monetization Guide

This is barely scratching the surface of what you can do with your AdBoards. Our step-by-step Monetization Guide shows you how to implement 18 profitable strategies so you can earn even more from every AdBoard you create!

So if you're starting to see the potential here, you really have to ask yourself...

If it only takes 5-10 minutes to set up and launch a new AdBoard...

An AdBoard that can make you same-day instant sales...

AND generate an endless stream of highly-targeted traffic...

AND build you a mailing list of Action-Takers and Proven Buyers...

Then how many AdBoards will You set up in the next 30 days?

This is an extremely simple business model that ANYONE can launch today.

It takes just a few minutes to create and configure your first AdBoard. Get that launched and you'll see for yourself just how intuitive and powerful this system is...

  • Then double your profits instantly with another AdBoard.
  • Pick another related niche and create another AdBoard...
  • Then maybe try a generic one for your local region?
  • If that works try something industry-specific for your city...
  • How about one for every affiliate program you've never had time to promote?
  • All those Viral programs that promise so much if you could only find the time...

Your AdCardz business is totally scalable so you can work at your own pace... create a new AdBoard and promote it until it becomes self-sustaining, then rinse-and-repeat...

You are always in total control... how many AdBoards you make, how much promotion you do to get things moving, how much you charge for add-ons... how much money you make.

Sounds Great But What's It Going To Cost Me?

Eventually we will have to charge a monthly fee for each AdBoard to make sure we cover our costs for hosting and especially bandwidth, but right now, we're in Pre-Launch so you're in luck!

The last thing we need before we launch is some independent testing and (hopefully) some rave-review testimonials for the final Sales page!

We are working on the full sales page now, so if you prefer to get the full picture before you act, you can wait for that to be published in the next week or so...

But if you've read enough and you can already imagine the dozens of ways you can profit from owning some of these AdBoards, and you're prepared to jump in now...

Then you can score yourself a serious bargain in the process!

Once we officially launch the AdCardz platform we'll be charging a recurring monthly fee for the packages below. Right now though, while we finish testing the system and gathering some testimonials, we're offering a limited number of those same packages for a one-time payment.

So if you're happy to help us with the testing... and you won't get bent out of shape if you encounter the odd bug we've missed! ... and you'll consider sending us a fair and detailed testimonial once you're up and running... then please consider the offer below...

Lock-in Early-Bird Access To AdCardz Now!


$17/ per month

  • One AdBoard
  • One-Time Payment
  • Monetization Guide
  • Co-op Traffic System
  • Full Bonus Package
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$27/ per month

  • Three AdBoards
  • One-Time Payment
  • Monetization Guide
  • Co-op Traffic System
  • Full Bonus Package
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$97/ per month

  • 20 AdBoards
  • One-Time Payment
  • Monetization Guide
  • Co-op Traffic System
  • Full Bonus Package
  • Developer License!
Order now Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by

These deals are strictly limited. As soon as we've got a few good testimonials and the full Sales page is ready to go, we'll be taking this page down and switching to monthly payments.

You will always be able to add more AdBoards to your account, but if you leave it 'til later, it will require a recurring subscription, so you should probably grab the best package you can afford right now!

No B.S. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to come on board with total confidence and Zero Risk, so when you purchase an AdBoard pack today you are 100% covered by our Money Back guarantee.

If you any reason you decide this is not for you, just let me know in the next 30 days and I'll refund your payment in full, No Questions Asked.

So you can use this guarantee as a 30-day test-drive! You can launch a few AdBoards and see for yourself just how profitable they can be, and all the risk is on me.

Thanks again for checking this out.

You can probably tell that we're pretty excited by the potential here! The thing is, as good as our own initial tests were, our earliest beta-testers are getting even better results...

We're getting some excellent feedback from those people and we've already we've got a big list of features to add and improvements to make. So now that you've come this far, I do hope you'll take this opportunity to get in early, lock-in an amazing deal, and join us on what promises to be an incredible journey.

See you on the inside!


P.S. You'll notice that some of the packages come with a Developer License. This means you can manage these AdBoards for your own private Clients. Charge them a monthly fee to set up and promote a custom-built Adboard, and then deliver the traffic or leads directly to them.

How you structure that is up to you, but it could easily become a lucrative stand-alone business servicing a small number of high-value Clients for a flat-rate fee... and still getting paid when the Advertisers purchase add-ons!

P.P.S. Everything is Totally Customisable. We have dozens of color schemes and themes, plus you can upload header images to create your own unique look. You set your own prices and conditions and you have multiple options for accepting payments.

(Or you can run it as-is... straight out of the box... and worry about all that later on!)

Just remember, as soon as our testing is complete, we will be switching over to a recurring subscription... no exceptions... so grab this opportunity to lock-in lifetime access now for pennies on the dollar!

If you're sick of buying ads to promote other people's businesses, isn't time you started selling ads instead?

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