Stop Buying Advertising and Start Selling It Instead! is a powerful Plug-and-Play Solution for anyone wanting to launch their own business selling advertising to online marketers, offline businesses and anyone else who needs traffic to their website.

It's designed to be super-simple to set up and use, with a built-in viral effect that is incredibly powerful... even for the non-marketers. This new platform is incredibly flexible and will generate traffic, leads and sales for the AdBoard owners... all by giving away free ads.

We've put the system through it's paces over the last few weeks and we're just fixing a few of the bugs we discovered and fine-tuning a few of the options. As soon as that's done, we'll be looking for a small number of people to come on board as Beta Testers.

If you're interested in helping out and want to get in early at a massive (lifetime) discount, please drop your email in the form to the right. All we're asking in return is your feedback on the system, and if you like it, a testimonial we can use for our launch!

This will be subscription-based once we launch the full service, so we're only able to offer a small number of lifetime-memberships for the testing stage... so keep an eye out for our email!

Thanks in advance for your help!