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The AdCardz Referral Program is managed through the Clickbank Affiliate Network.

We pay Lifetime Commissions on all your referral sales, so you will be paid a 40% commission every month, for the life of your referrals' subscriptions. Plus you'll also be credited if any of your referrals upgrade their subscription or purchase any of our other offers.

To participate you simply need to send traffic to this site using a Clickbank Hoplink... either created on the Clickbank site or using one of the links generated on our Affiliate Tools pages.

Please Note: This is a new offering on Clickbank, so we don't have much in the way of stats or history there just yet, but we've been in beta-test mode for a while now with a different payment procesor, and the results were very encouraging.

If you promote this product to the right audience with an appropriate message, I think you'll find it converts very well and your referrals will stick with us for a very long time... making you some very good recurring commissions.

Please Note: If you're only here so you can purchase through your own affiliate link, don't bother!

This is stealing from us and/or the affiliate who actually referred you. We check for this regularly and will cancel any self-referred accounts and permanently ban those users from our platform.

Target Audience

AdCardz is a brand new SAAS product that offers ANYONE a simple business-in-a-box system to launch their own advertising business, quickly and easily, with no experience necessary and minimal outlay.

AdCardz Turnkey Advertising eBiz converts virtually ALL Traffic.

Our primary niche is Biz Opp, MMO, IM, Affiliate Marketing, but this product appeals to ANYONE who needs web traffic and/or a mailing list to promote their own offers in other niches.

The AdCardz system is particularly Newbie Friendly and draws a great response from people who have tried cheap/free MMO programs without success in the past and now realise real work and investment are required if they are going to succeed online.

It's also proving popular among more experienced marketers, who respond to the simplicity and potential. If you can get those people to the sales page, they do tend to choose the higher-priced packages.

It is a recurring product, so we're looking for people who will make a serious commitment to work the system and stick with it until they achieve the results they're seeking.

The system is designed to become cashflow positive for them as quickly as possible, but some real work is required to get to that point. So there is no value in over-selling the returns or understating the investment/effort required.

Instead focus on getting the right audience to our sales page with accurate, relevant information, and you will be rewarded with generous recurring subscriptions from our long-term customers.

A Few Quick Dos and Don'ts

  • Don't Hype It Up... that will only attract people who are never going to do the work. So it won't work for them and they'll just quit and/or request refunds.
  • Do Sell It The Right Way... a real business package that rewards people for real work. It's scalable, compounding and viral, so it can be quite lucrative over time, but they do need to do the initial work to get there.
  • Don't Spam... that will risk your Clickbank account and if we get complaints we'll block you too.
  • Don't Use Your Own Links To Join. We encourage you to try this for yourself... it's actually really good for promoting Clickbank products... but if you sign up using your own Hoplink we'll cancel your subscription, delete your AdCardz account... and blacklist you. We do check!
  • Do Use A Mix of Promos... This is new, so we're still discovering what works best, but so far, almost everything we've tried works well with the right audience. So experiment, track your promos and sources, and ramp up whatever gets you the best results!
  • Do Join Our Affiliates Newsletter... you'll find an optin below. This is only for relevant updates and we'll only ever write when we've got something useful to share. Promise!

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