Finally, a Business-In-Box That Is Easy To Use, Fast To Set Up & Actually Works!

Launch A Profitable Business Giving Away Free Ads
To Generate Hands-Free Viral Traffic, Leads and Sales,
Doors Open, Ready To Go, All In The Next 60 Minutes!
Stop Working So Hard For Traffic & Start Selling It Instead!

No Complicated Set-Up, No Hidden Fees & No Hosting... Even A 100% Beginner Can Do It.

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  • You Just Giveaway Free Ads, So There's
    No Selling Required!
  • Get Paid Automatically For Optional Add-ons & Our Popular OTO Upgrade & a Backend Upsell
  • Multiple Payment Processors Built-in, Including Popular Crypto Options
  • Automatically Grow Your Own Mailing List of
    Proven Action Takers
  • Built-In Traffic Tools to Get Things Rolling...
  • Then Our Powerful Viral Structure Forces People To Send You Traffic
  • Traffic You Can Send To Affiliate Offers, eCom Stores, Social Profiles, Videos & More
  • Drive Traffic To Multiple Squeeze Pages For Even Faster List Building
  • Referral Program Pays 50% Recurring Commissions For Life
  • Your Referral Link Is Automatically Embeded In All Your AdBoard Pages
  • No Complicated Set Up, Most People Are Up Running in 60 Minutes or Less
  • No Domain, No Hosting, No Hidden Extras
  • Step-By-Step Setup So Anyone Can Do It
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Launch Your New Business In 3 Easy Steps

No Technical Skills or Experience Required!

Step 1

Create Your Account

Click On Any Of The Links Below To Lock-In Instant Access To AdCardz

Step 2

Configure & Publish

Update Your Settings & Use Our Wizard To Publish Your First AdBoard

Step 3

Activate with Traffic

Enable Our Automatic Traffic System Then Claim Free Traffic Credits To Get Things Moving

Rinse & Repeat!

Create Additional AdBoards To Instantly Scale Your Business!

A Complete Business With Unlimited Revenue Streams!

Your AdBoards have been optimized for Immediate Cashflow as well as Substantial Long-term Revenue Streams. But that's barely scratching the surface of what you can do here...

Instant Advertising Sales

Approx 5% of your advertisers will happily pay for one or more Add-Ons to make their Ad stand out and increase their exposure... so the more Ads you give away, the more you make!

You set your own prices and keep 100% of all payments.

High-Value List Building

Build a list of Action-Takers and Buyers from among your Advertisers, or use your AdBoards to drive traffic to multiple Squeeze Pages for explosive automatic list-building.

Isn't that better than just collecting random emails?

Automated Viral Traffic

Your AdBoards are targeted traffic machines, so you can send visitors to your own websites & offers, other affiliate offers, videos or social media and more.

You could even sell your traffic to paying Clients!

Turbo-Charge Your Viral Networks

Create multiple AdCards for all your Viral Traffic programs. Point a link back to your AdBoard from each site, and watch your viral system feed itself and grow on full-auto.

This generates even more Traffic, Leads & Sales on every site.

Incubator & Lockbox

Get in early on ANY new program and use AdCardz to test the response. Just create an AdCard and let it run for a month. Check your stats to decide if it's worth actively promoting!

Find winners faster without wasting time on all the losers!

Optimise Your Premium Traffic

Extract maximum value from your paid advertising, by Stacking AdCards so a visitor arriving via your link sees all your best offers at the top of the page.

If they aren't interested in your primary offer, they might bite somewhere else!

Claim Your AdCardz Membership Now...

Launch Your New Business In The Next 60 Minutes!

AdCardz Works Simply & Simply Works!

Here's What Our Current Members Have To Say About It...

Robert Jones

This is mindblowing, All the traffic you need, all the advertising you need, and The clicks are on a viral scale. You can go a long way with EZ sites AdCardz Adboards. I'm buying two boards every month. My business is doing great because of my adboards. I advise you all to get at least two Adboards to add to your business I guarantee you will buy more from the money you make off your Adboards. This is a 5 Star testimonial...

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Marie Foulex

I am a fan, the simplicity of use, the quality, the ease with which any internet marketer, amateur or expert can take in hand this program, I highly recommend it. I was just blown away when I tested my first ad. The designer of the program has thought of everything, once your ad is created, a simple action of sharing on social networks will make a viral advertisement at no cost to you. The best is to try it by creating your first ad, it's free. I promise you, you will adopt it and love it to

View My AdBoard

James Peddie

A very good and simple platform to setup. It took me less than 30 minutes to setup. Within a day after I setup and send traffic to my ad board I started to get opt-ins to my list. This platform is for everyone considering the fact that we all need quality traffic.

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Viral Value Ads

My AdCardz business has gotten my team and I thousands of visitors to our program. I highly recommend starting with AdCardz if you want your team to know you have their back when it comes to getting eyeballs on your product or program. PLUS there are financial benefits! Join now.

View My AdBoard

Steve Matthews

Loving this platform thanks Brad. Simple and intuitive to use, and really effective. I only did a few mailings to get my first board started, and was blown away at how quickly a few signups turned into ongoing traffic. Only a few add-on purchases so far, but I can see how i can tweak the settings and step up the traffic to increase that. Thank you!

View My AdBoard

Sound Pro Sales

These Adboards are driving TRAFFIC to my Ads, an excellent way to Advertise online generating loads of traffic!

View My AdBoard

Pierre Placide

When I landed on Traffic Boost Central, I knew I was onto something special. The platform is a beacon for those seeking genuine traffic growth. Its unique system promises not just clicks but sustained visibility. It's not just an AdBoard; it's a revolution in online advertising. I've set up my first AdBoard, and the results are spectacular. If you want to amplify your reach and dive into a world where every impression counts, this is your golden ticket. Don't just take

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Nizar Akob

It took me 12 hours to decide on using AdCardz System. I have seen few similar programs before and need time to check it all and compare. Programs like Post Your FREE Ads, Affiliate Funnel, BuildaBizOnline, and AdBoardz. After finding out that AdCardz possesses distinct features that differ and make it stand on its own I then start using it. Everyone can post their ads for free, choose extra add-ons, get paid, and my favourite is it's VIRAL-EFFECT in traffic generation. It blows out my mind

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Here's The Problem...

No Mattter What Business You're In, It Always Comes Back To Traffic

Let's be honest. There are countless ways to make money online.

Affiliate marketing, email lists, video marketing, social media, blogging, eCommerce...

They're all different, but they all work much the same.

If you get your offer in front of enough interested people, some of them will buy, and you'll get paid.

But the never-ending challenge is finding the right people in the first place... generating responsive traffic.

Most People Pay Too Much For Traffic

Whether it's time or money, the cost is just far too high.

Clicking emails, surfing websites, posting ads... it's all just unpaid busy-work, where you're building someone else's business!

Premium traffic looks like a better option, but how can you justify that kind of expense, before you've even made your first sale?

So eventually you lose interest and go looking for something else, a better offer to promote, the next shiny object...

But the problem isn't the product, it's the business model...

Single-Use Traffic Is Slow Death

If your traffic strategy is based on earning credits that let you show one offer to one visitor, one time, you're going backwards.

Capturing email addresses... so you can get them back again... improves this slightly, as do any viral strategies, where you make a more substantial connection... and the visitor eventually helps you by bringing in others...

But if you're working... or paying... for single-use clicks, in most cases, you're playing a losing game.

If that sounds at all familiar, I've got some good news for you...

What If There Was A Way To Finally Solve The Traffic Problem For ANY Business Model?

Imagine For A Second...

What if you had a business structure that could generate it's own traffic?

A platform that let you show your visitors multiple offers when they arrived?

A system that could generate sign-ups and sales and commissions for any offers you decide to promote.

Plus it's own built-in passive revenue options...

And perhaps best of all, a viral strategy for turning every single visitor into a dozen more...

Do you think that might change your approach to Making Money Online?

Well you don't have to imagine, because AdCardz can do all that and more!

With AdCardz you're building your own marketing platform that you can use to promote anything you like.

  • Promote Affiliate Offers
  • Drive Traffic to eCom Stores
  • Build Your Mailing List
  • Sell Products & Courses
  • Increase Your Video Views
  • Grow Social Engagement

You can do any of these, or all of these. And best of all, your AdCardz business will also generate it's own traffic.

Let me explain how...

1. You Give Away Free Ads

You promote your AdBoards and offer Free Ads to anyone with an offer to promote.

Everyone needs traffic and everyone will come back to a traffic site that delivers...

So this is Evergreen, Sticky and As Easy As It Gets...

No Selling Required!

2. You Get Paid For Add-Ons & Upsells.

Some of your Advertisers will choose one or more of our Add-Ons to make their AdCard stand out from the crowd.

Others might grab the OTO Upsell after they create their AdCard.

Whatever their preference, you set your own prices and your Advertisers pay you directly for all purchases.

We also offer them a special Traffic Package after they submit their AdCard... so they pay us to send traffic to your AdBoard...

AND we pay you a commission on those sales as well!

3. Your Advertisers All Send Traffic.

Free or paid, all new AdCards have to be activated. And the easiest way to do that is for the Advertiser to just send some traffic.

So each new AdCard created brings in even more Advertisers...

They create more AdCards & send more traffic, generating even more traffic and sales for you...

In time this viral process feeds an endless supply of advertisers... and traffic... into your business!

How About The Worst-Case Scenario?

Some of your visitors won't do anything. They'll just leave.

Well you already earned additional credits from our built-in banner traffic generator, as soon as they landed on the page!

And most of the time they'll leave by clicking on an AdCard.

So your AdBoard stats look even more attractive to new visitors... so they're more likely to post an ad of their own...

Plus you might pick up an opt-in or sale on one of your own offers.

So Finally... An All-In-One Solution That Actually Works!

And Lets You Build Your Own Business...

You don’t have to slave away promoting someone else's website, hoping for a little success to come your way.

Instead you drive some traffic to Your Own Platform where you give away free ads... and promote your own offers.

As people create their own ads, they send traffic to activate them.

Some of that traffic turns into even more free ads...

Which means even more traffic.

And every time someone creates a free ad, you can profit from selling add-ons or upgrades.

You can build your list in AdCardz with these action-takers...

All while sending the browsing & exit traffic to all your own opt-in pages, viral sites and other offers.

So In Time, Your AdBoard Business Literally Grows Itself!

Generating fresh new traffic, targetted leads and passive sales.

Claim Your AdCardz Membership Now...

Launch Your New Business In The Next 60 Minutes!

Get Back To Doing What You Love & Loving What You Do!

Now there's plenty of things we all hate about doing business online. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Well now you can Kiss Them All GoodBye

  • No Selling or Recruiting Required, Ever
  • No Technical Skills or Training Required
  • No Watching Hours Of Video Before You Even Start
  • No Costly Web Hosting, No Domain Regos
  • No Endlessly Clicking Emails
  • No Mind-Numbing Hours of Traffic Surfing
  • No Hidden Fees or Forced Subscriptions
  • No Experience Necessary. Anyone Can Do It!

And when we say Anyone Can Do it, we mean it.

Our Custom Set-Up Wizard is guaranteed newbie-friendly and seriously fast.

Don't Believe Me? Click Below to Watch Live Demo!

Click Play to watch me register a new account, enter my essentials and then create & customise my first AdBoard.

Even though I ramble on a bit explaining stuff, it's still fully set up, ready for visitors, in less than 10 minutes!

Now I've done this few times by now, so it will almost certainly taker you longer, but even if it takes you an hour, or even whole weekend to get set up, you've got to believe that's a worthwhile investment?

Please note: this is an old video... we've recently updated the process and now it's even easier and some people get through it even faster!

New Demo Video Coming Soon. (With 50% less rambling!)

OK, I Can Do That! ... Now Show Me The Money!

AdBoards Is A Complete Turnkey Business With Unlimited Revenue Streams!

Your AdBoards have been designed to generate Immediate Cashflow as well as Substantial Long-term Revenue Streams. But that's barely scratching the surface of what you can do here.

Instant Advertising Sales

A percentage of your advertisers will happily pay for one or more Add-Ons to make their AdCard stand out and increase their exposure... so the more Ads you give away, the more you make!

You set your own prices and keep 100% of all payments.

Built-In OTO Offer

And if your Advertisers pass on the option to upgrade their AdCard on the front-end, we make them another offer after they submit it.

This time we're offering increased exposure that will keep their AdCard alive for longer, so a few more people will opt for that...

And once again, they pay you directly.

Back-End Traffic Package

And we're not done yet! Once their AdCard is posted we make a final low-key offer to add it to our in-house rotators for fast hands-free activation and long term exposure... for a small one-time payment.

We do all the work and most of the cost goes to paying for the traffic, but it's your advertiser, so we pass on a small commission on those sales as well.

High-Value List Building on Full-Auto

Your Advertisers become contact list of Proven Action-Takers in a clearly defined niche. And the more specific your AdBoard themes, the more valuable those lists will be!

Many Members will also create dozens of AdCardz on all their own AdBoards, sending hands-free traffic to multiple standalone opt-in funnels... some for their own lists, others for 3rd party offers.

Either way, they build a multiple lists they can email with offers of their own.

Traffic You Can Send Anywhere You Want

Your AdBoards are viral traffic machines, so once you're up and running you can send a stream of visitors to site you want, simply by creating additional AdCards.

Just create AdCardz for your own offers, PLR products, affiliate offers, eCom stores, video or social sites, or even for to paying Client's websites...

There's even a special AdCard Publisher in your Dashboard to make it even easier!

Turbo-Charge Your Viral Networks

How many of these viral traffic sites have you joined over the years? They all look great and promise amazing results... if you could only get a few people on board!.

Well now you can! You can easily create your own Ads for every Viral Traffic Program you've ever joined and start generating more signups and commissions, and traffic.

And if you send the traffic from each of these sites back to your AdBoards, you create a viral loop where AdCardz feeds the Viral Traffic site, which feeds AdCardz... and so on, growing both, hands-free, forever!

Get In Early On Every New Program!

Use your AdBoard as a LockBox to test ANY new program you come across. Just create an AdCard and forget about it! Let it run for a month then check your stats to decide if it's worth actively promoting!

Find all the winners without wasting time on the losers! You can Bump any AdCard back to the top of your AdBoard any time, so you can easily keep your own ads in prime position.

Local Business Ads & SEO

A lot of our Members have set up Local AdBoards which they promote in their own community. They create a few for some bigger well-known businesses to get things started, then start approaching other businesses to see if they want to be seen on the same platform...

The other big benefit from this approach, is a lot of smaller local businesses will be struggling to rank in the search engines. A prominent listing on your AdBoard might provide the additional backlinks and visitors it needs to start climbing the ladder.

Your Idea Here!

So hopefully you can see that your AdCardz business is a powerful and flexible platform you can use to generate targetted traffic and direct those visitors to relevant offers.

That is the core of any online business... finding an audience and showing them an offer. And when it's so easy to do that... over and over and over...

The only real limit is your imagination!

You Too Can Be Applying ANY Of Our 18 Monetization Strategies
To Your First AdBoard In The Next 60 Minutes...

Step 1. Register an AdCardz Account Below

Step 2. Create & Customise Your First AdBoard

Step 3. Switch On Traffic To Get It Moving

Rinse & Repeat With Your Next AdBoard

Make No Mistake: There Is REAL WORK REQUIRED
But It's Not Difficult Or Time-Consuming!

And Everything You Need Is Already Included

Don't hate it when you find a new product or service that looks great...

So you watch the entire video, read through all the information, do a quick search for any problematic reviews...

Everything looks good so you decide to buy.

But before you even get to your puchase, the person selling it starts telling you there's al lthese other extras you need as well.

Apparently what you just bought isn't so good after all, and it probably won't work quite as promised...

UNLESS... you also buy all these add-ons and extras!

Well I hate that crap too, so I refuse to do it to you!

Your AdCardz Business Package is complete and ready to go.

No Up-Sells or Add-ons, No Back-End Offers and No Forced 3rd-Party Subscriptions...

So Here's Everything You Get When You Start Today...

Multiple Streams of Passive Income, many built-in to the system, but even more you can add as your AdCardz business grows and evolves.

Unstoppable Viral Traffic. It takes some time and effort to get things moving, but once it starts, it will take on a life of it's own.

An Affiliate Marketing Machine that will land targetted visitors on your offer pages like clockwork, totally hands-free.

Automatic AdCardz Referrals We pay generous recurring commissions for your sign-ups, and we embed you referral links on all your ABoard pages.

Fully-Hosted Solution so you don't need to pay for website hosting, register a domain or worry about the technical configuration of a new website. We take care of all that for you.

Custom Site Branding. You get everything you need to really make your AdCards website your own. You choose the name, select a theme and you can even upload images to make it your own.

Built-In Payment Processing. You can choose to let us collect payments for you or you can use your existing accounts. Or you can use both.

5 Great Bonuses To Cover any Gaps! We'll show you these next, and you'll see even the bonuses were selected to make your business explode.

Built-In List Builder that's compatible with multiple Email Marketing Platforms, including several that are free to use forever.

World Class Training & Support. Our Members stick with us long-term because we are committed to your success!

Built-In Viral Banner Traffic. Link up these powerful banner exchanges and every visitor to your AdBoard earns you multiple credits... that will automatically generate even more visitors!

A Business You Can Be Proud Of. AdCardz is something you can really make your own. And as you invest your time and effort and creativity, you'll be proud to show it off to friends and family.

Claim Your AdCardz Membership Now...

Launch Your New Business In The Next 60 Minutes!

But Wait, We're Not Done Yet!

We've Also Put Together These Very Special Bonuses to Guarantee Your Success

There's really only real success secret here... Traffic. You MUST be prepared to do the work to get enough traffic through your AdBoard, to get things moving on their own. Once you do that, it will quickly become unstoppable.

So you'll see the common goal of the bonuses below is to help you get your own AdBoards to that point, as quickly and as easily as possible so you can then start to apply your preferred monetization strategies.

Bonus #1

Premium Traffic Tools, Training & Resources

We give you everything you need to prime the system with Premium Video Training and an Extensive Resource Section.

We've also got a selection of coupons and giveaways that will deliver same-day traffic to your first AdBoard minutes after you set it up.

Bonus #2

Co-op & Rotator Traffic To Your AdBoard

To get you started, we'll add your new AdBoards to our in-house rotators.

The first is set up to send fast traffic to hel you get things moving, while the second rotator is more of a slow-burn, and will deliver a steady flow of fresh visitors for at least two years!

Bonus #3

Lead Generation Masterclass

One of the most popular Monetization Strategies is to create AdCardz for multiple opt-in offers and build a big list fast.

So we're giving you a series of Premium Training Videos that show you how to create valuable lead magnets quickly and easily, then set up landing pages that convert... with free tools and resources to get it done fast.

Bonus #4

PLR Software & Ebooks PLUS Extensive Training

Of course your best long-term strategy will usually be to sell your own products and offers. And the easiest way for most people to do that will be with PLR products.

So we've put together some of the best training materials you'll find on the subject, plus a selection of PLR products & software you can download immediately and sell as your own... today!

Bonus #5

Blockbuster Affiliate Marketing 2.0

Now that you have a powerful affiliate marketing platform, it makes sense to give you the specialised training required to take full advantage of it.

This premium video training covers EVERYTHING... creating web pages, ads, videos, social media content and more... all using free tools!


Multi-Tasking Your Traffic!

When you drive traffic to your AdBoard, you always have the option to put a specific AdCard in the Featured Ad position at the very top of the page, where it will get get 2-3 times more clicks than any others on the same page.

We'll even show you how ot stack your preferred AdCards directly under that, so they get extra clicks as well!

This means, when you promote your AdBoard, you can also promote multiple other offers, so even if your visitors don't create their own AdCards, you'll have other options availble so you can still profit from the visit.

Not sure if this is for you?

AdCardz is not one of those gimmicky apps that promises to do everything for you at the click of a button and make you thousands of dollars in the next 7 minutes...

Instead we ask you to invest some real time and effort...

You need to be patient and persistent...

So together we can build something substantial and worthwhile.

Now I know that's not your standard IM Sales Pitch, but that's OK...

To be brutally honest, we're not looking for the standard IM Marketer...

This system only works for people prepared to do the work.

If you stick with it and get your AdBoards established, they will start to generate their own traffic...

Plus we have in-house Ad Co-ops running 24/7 that will lend a hand and help you grow your business even faster...

But only AFTER you do the initial work to set it up.

So if you're the type of person who buys lots of stuff but never does anything with it, please save us both some time and take a pass for now. This isn't for you.

But if you ARE serious and prepared to do some work... If you're sick of all the BS programs & systems that promise the world but never deliver...

And if you just want a simple, effective business you can be proud of as you grow it into something real and substantial...

Then lets get to work already!

No Hassles, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We know this works. We've had Members with us since 2019.

And we use our own AdBoards constantly to promote all our own websites and offers: driving traffic to all of them and generating sales and signups for dozens of affiliate products.

But if you don't know me, you might be hestitant, and I understand that.

But I can help...

Here is the deal, get access to AdCardz now...

Take a good look around the Members Area, see for yourself how easy it is to launch your first AdBoard.

Explore all the tools and bonuses we have to help you promote and monetize your AdBoards...

And if for any reason you don't think AdCardz is worth its weight in gold...

Just send us a message to our 24/7 customer support...

And we will refund your payment in full.

No questions asked.

So you can use this guarantee as a 30-day test-drive! You can launch your new AdBoard and turn on the traffic to experience for yourself just how profitable they can be.

No Surprises Ahead!

Launch Your New AdCardz Business With Total Confidence!

We don't do fake Urgency or Scarcity to rush you into a decision, and we don't have the endless Upsells & Add-Ons hidden-away in the sign-up process. This is the premium package and everything you need is already included.

You can simply pick a package, create your subscription on WarriorPlus, and dive right in. You can change your package at any time, so you can safely choose the most suitable option below and start with 100% confidence...

Standard Monthly

$17/ per month

  • One Two AdBoards
  • Monetization Guide
  • Co-op Traffic System
  • Full Bonus Package
Order now
Professional Monthly

$27/ per month

  • Three Six AdBoards
  • Monetization Guide
  • Co-op Traffic System
  • Full Bonus Package
Order now
Professional Annual

$270/ per year

  • Two Months Free!
  • Three Six AdBoards
  • Monetization Guide
  • Co-op Traffic System
  • Full Bonus Package
Order now

You payment will be processed securely by Stripe Payments on the WarriorPlus platform.

Look for the green "Access Your Purchase" button in your receipt to create your new account. That only takes a minute and you can start setting up your first AdBoards immediately after that.

Please note this is a recurring subscription but there is no minimum term and you can cancel at any time. You'll find an easy one-click cancel option in your Member's Dashboard should you ever want out.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end...

There is a lot of information here, but this is a long-term venture. So it's important that you understand what's on offer, what you can do with it, and what's required from you to make your AdCardz business really take off.

So if you see the potential here and you're prepared to invest the time and effort in your own AdCardz business, then we'll love to have you join us. Just select a Membership Package above and I'll see you on the inside!

Brad Stephens
AdCardz Founder, Owner & User!

P.S. Most people will find the Standard Two AdBoard package is plenty to start with.

We usually recommend the Professional Package for experienced marketers with a clear vision for what they want to do here and the time to implement it.

So if you're unsure, choose one of the smaller packages and you can always upgrade later!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need More Info? Here's A Few Of The Regulars...

Q. What Payment Processors are supported?
PayPal, CoinPayments, Stripe, Skrill, ORU, Uphold and Cryptos. You can use any of these you already have, or we can guide you through setting them up.

We also have a fully Done-For-You payment option where we do it all. We collect the payments through our Stripe Account and forward them on via your preferred payout option every month.

Q. But I don't like recurring payments!
Either do we! But we do need to make sure we can cover our costs as your AdBoards get bigger and busier.

We're already generating thousands of hits every day and millions of ad views each month... so this actually protects your investment by keeping us viable. We now offer a (discounted) annual option if that makes it easier for you to manage this.

Q. Is There An Affiliate Program
There Certainly Is! In fact, we automatically embed your affiliate link on all your AdBoard pages, so you can promote AdCardz and grow a recurring monthly income totally hands-free.

We pay a generous 50% commission on your referrals, for life, so just two sign-ups and your own AdCardz membership could be fully funded!

Q. Will This Get Too Competitive?
It's Hard To Imagine! The demand for quality advertising in this niche is massive. There could literally be millons of potential advertisers out there for every AdBoard ever created. I can't see that changing.

Beyond that, a hidden power of AdCardz is your ability to target specific niches and grow your own unique audience. So over time, your AdBoards evolve, based on how and where they're promoted.