Email Swipes

Here's a selection of the best converting emails that we've used so far. We've sent dozens of variations of each, but these are the ones that got the results we were looking for.

If you are emailing your own subscribers... people who are familiar with your style and language... you should use these as a starting point and re-write them slightly in your own voice.

If you're emailing a cold-list you should use these pretty much as-is. Either way you should vary your subject lines every time you send an email. (Check the bottom of the page for some useful resources if you don't already have a list!)

Remember... we have a zero-tolerance policy on spam. Opt-in subscribers only please!

Email #1. Seller vs Buyer
Subject Lines:
- Stop buying ads and start selling them!
- New Turnkey Ad Business
- Get Paid For Giving Away Free Ads
- Your Own Business - Make Sales Today!

Email #3. New, Simple, Fast Results
Subject Lines:
- Have you seen this yet?
- You'll want to check this out fast!
- Here's your chance to get in early
- Brand new eBiz software just launched

Email #5. Short & Sweet
Subject Lines:
- Traffic, leads and instant sales...
- Looking for a biz-op that works?
- Your own business in 10-20 minutes!
- Same-day sales? Really? Really!

Email #2. The Ideal Online Business
Subject Lines:
- Do any of these work for you...
- What's your ideal business look like?
- Time to get real about online businesses
- Finally a real business that works

Email #4.
Subject Lines:
- Serious Marketers Only!
- Time, effort AND money required!
- No your usual IM email...
- Most people won't even consider this

Email #6. One for Jaded Internet Marketers...
Subject Lines:
- This email could seem a bit weird...
- Not many people will tell you this
- I'm sure you've been thinking this too...
- How dumb do they think we are?

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